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Our PLC trainer: We bring Industry 4.0 into teaching

Eduline PLCnext Technology Board for school and university use

We are enthusiastic about technology and innovation. We want to pass on this enthusiasm! TechEducation – powered by Phoenix Contact makes technology understandable for young people and promotes interest in it in all phases of learning.

Our PLC trainer: Eduline PLCnext Technology Board allows you to acquire skills in the field of IT automation with a focus on PLC programming in a practical way.

With supplementary training materials, we support you in making class and laboratory situations simple.


Industrial control with real-time performance

Programming according to IEC 61131 in high-level language and model-based code

As module or stand-alone trainer

Open ecosystem with cloud connectivity

For Whom

Teachers and learners of technical vocational schools

Teachers and students of technical courses

Private newcomers to the subject of control technology

For What

Interdisciplinary teaching

Basics of PLC Programming & Industry 4.0

Learning classical control and high-level languages

Programming & operation of automated systems

More adantages

Preconfiguration enables fast commissioning

Free training materials & programming software PLCnext Engineer

E-Learning & E-Paper: Request your information package without obligation

We would be pleased to provide you with information about the use of the Eduline PLCnext Technology Board free of charge. For sending the link to our training material, please fill in the adjacent form.

Included in the info package:

  • How to start | E-Learning
  • Introduction to PLC Technology | E-Paper
  • Tasks for the Eduline PLCNext Technology Board | E-Paper
  • Solutions for the Eduline PLCNext Technology Board | E-Paper

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