ELECTRIFYtoday: Test the online game on the energy transition for the first time at Hannover Messe 2024

With the Serious Game ELECTRIFYtoday, we have developed an online game that teaches trainees in the electrical industry and students of STEM subjects about the energy transition as part of their career orientation.

The game will be released and presented at this year’s Hannover Messe from April 22 to 26, 2024:

  • Test the game yourself: it’s OWL stand, hall 7, stand D27
  • Don’t miss it! Keynote: “Using serious gaming to bring the All Electric Society into the world of education”, Dr. Anja Schulz, Co-Founder TechEducation – powered by Phoenix Contact
    When & Where: Thursday, 25th April at 1 pm | 30 minutes | H11, C53

Playful knowledge transfer for trainees and STEM learners

In individual missions, players experience how their actions have a concrete impact on a more sustainable world. The missions include diverse, entertaining learning stations on questions such as:

  • How are energy production and consumption connected?
  • What is solar power? What different types of solar cells and photovoltaic panels are there?
  • What is e-mobility and what are the differences between different types of charging?
  • and much more.

In this way, users learn the basics of energy generation, distribution, storage and consumption along the way. Whether young or old, come and see for yourself and visit us at the Hannover Messe!

Interactive lesson design for teachers

Networking, networking, networking, and automation are key technologies that will enable us to create a world in which energy from renewable resources is available in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices. It is important to take young people along on this journey, to inspire them and make them fit for the basic technological techniques that we need today and tomorrow.

For partner companies: Do you know partners who are interested in participating? Then please get in touch via our contact form at https://tech-education.com/electrify-today. We look forward to discussing cooperation and interdisciplinary developments.

All information about the game: https://tech-education.com/electrify-today

Empower yourself – Create a sustainable tomorrow!

The TechEducation team – powered by Phoenix Contact

ELECTRIFYtoday: Test the online game on the energy transition for the first time at Hannover Messe 2024
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