We are international – even at home!

On Friday, May 12, 22 professors and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) from Ethiopia met at Phoenix Contact to learn about educational cooperation between companies and universities. The universities in Ethiopia are currently undergoing a transformation process in which the aim is to combine theoretical knowledge transfer with application-oriented courses, e.g. in laboratories. Saed Afghani (International Sales), Lea Scharpenberg (dual student in mechatronics), Bastian Bröckling (Training Department) and Klaus Hengsbach (TechEducation – powered by Phoenix Contact) from Phoenix Contact were able to provide important information on these topics from different company perspectives.
The presentations were complemented by the presentation of Günther Kordes, General Manager of It’s OWL, who reported on the goals, projects and successes of the It’sOWL network.
The African country Ethiopia with its 85 million people and natural resources offers great development potential especially for the All Electrical Society strategy. Everyone agreed that it is particularly important to have competent partners from the education and business sectors at one’s side and to develop alliances for these future topics.

Further discussions will follow and, at best, will become visible in concrete projects in the near future.

We are international – even at home!
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