Smart Lab

Combine our Eduline boards for creating a Smart Lab

Our Smart Lab is ideal for a simple introduction to complex subjects in factory automation and Industry 4.0. It is made up of modules from the Eduline product family and provides a solid basis for a wide range of learning scenarios.



Control technology part with a PLCnext Technology Control device including power supply. This part is comprised of the Eduline PLCnext Technology Board with integrated I/O modules.


This part includes the Eduline HMI Board and the Eduline Switch Board. The HMI panel is used for operating and visualizing an automation system.


Various communication and periphery modules can be used to extend the PLCnext Technology Control device. Use the Eduline Profinet Board to connect sensors and actuators to the controller via the PROFINET and IO-Link communication systems. Each controller provides access to a trial version of the functions with up to 20 metrics.


Demonstrators such as small robots can be connected individually

The Smart Lab can be combined with your own actuators and sensors

Individual learning through the specific combination of the elements

Relevant Subjects

  • Basic principles of cyber-physical systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Advanced PLC programming
  • Feedback control technology or robotics/basic principles of robot control/programming
  • Human-machine systems
  • Big data analysis for industrial applications


The technical brain of a Smart Lab is the programmable logic controller (PLC):

  • The PLC enables the requirements of an Industrie 4.0 control system and the creation of control programs using various programming languages (IEC 61131-3, C/C++, C#, Java).
  • The PLC communicates with a cloud via MQTT and embeds itself in the PLCnext Technology ecosystem with app store, developer blogs, Knowledge Hub, etc. In order to be able to integrate real demonstrators, variable interfaces are available for the integration of sensors and actuators. The Smart Lab optionally includes a device unit for operation and visualization (Eduline HMI Board).
  • Various peripheral units will be integrated in the Smart Lab, allowing the connection of technological models via digital and analog process signals. A variety of Ethernet-based communication protocols are available here. Demonstrators such as small robots, tank systems, etc. can be connected individually.

Eduline PLCnext Technology Board

Eduline HMI Board

Eduline Power Supply Board

Eduline Switch Board

Eduline Profinet Board

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