Eduline PLCnext Technology Board

Ord. No. 1046674

The practical Eduline PLCnext Technology Board is suitable for learning skills in the field of IT automation with a focus on PLC programming. The system board can be used as a module as well as a stand-alone trainer.


Easy to use in class and laboratory scenarios

Ideal for teachers to prepare for lessons at home

Highly durable during transport and in lessons

Pre-wiring enables easy commissioning

Uniform Eduline design with standardized interfaces 

Seamless combination with other Eduline training boards

Relevant Subjects

  • Basic principles of Industry 4.0
  • Programming and operating automated systems
  • Basic principles of PLC programming
  • IEC 61131 programming and high-level languages like C, C++, C#
  • Development of application-oriented automation projects

Product Properties

Our Eduline PLCnext Technology Board is built in DIN-A4 format as a rack or tabletop unit. A transparent rear panel also allows a direct view of the wiring.

  • Depending on the application, up to 16 digital inputs can be controlled via toggle switches and up to 16 digital outputs are available as LEDs.
  • An analog input signal in the form of 0-10 V can be simulated by using a rotary potentiometer as well as a corresponding analog output signal via a graphical bar graph.
  • An additional analog input and output signal can be connected via the existing safety sockets.
  • PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact also allows programming in the IEC 61131 languages as well as high-level
    languages such as C/C++ and C#.
  • Digital and analog sensor and actuator technology are
    available directly “on-board”.

Special Features

  • PLCnext Engineer PLC programming software free of charge
  • Programming with PLCnext Engineer
  • Classic and new programming languages
  • Open ecosystem with free trial of for up to 20 metrics per year

We would be pleased to provide you with information about the use of the Eduline PLCnext Technology Board free of charge.
For sending the link to our training material (e-learning, e-paper) please fill in the following contact form.

Technical Properties

  • Wiring: 8 x DIO (toggle switch and LED) and 1 x AIO (rotary potentiometer and bar graph) on the EDU AXC F 2152, plus 1 x AIO via sockets for free selection, 8 x DIO (toggle switch and LED) on the AXL F BK PN
  • Can be networked via Ethernet; two additional RJ45 jacks are available depending on application
  • Can be programmed with PLCnext Engineer (PLCNEXT ENGINEER software, Order No. 1046008) available for download at
  • 230 V AC power supply via connection for non-heating devices on the board surface, transfer of the 24 V DC module voltage via 4 mm safety sockets and M12 interface possible
  • Size: 345 mm x 297 mm x 103 mm (A4 height)
  • Weight: 3,9 kg

Installed components

The switchgear combination includes power supply, Ethernet cable and the actual training board with the following industrial components:

  • PLCnext Technology-Control
  • Three I/O modules
  • Bus coupler
  • Power supply


Eduline-specific SD card and additional Industrie 4.0 features for pre-configuring the EduLine PLCnext Technology board and the black PLCnext Technology starter kit. The SD card enables direct entry into programming in the classroom. If the card is removed, the device is back in its original state

One card contains a pre-configuration for:

  • Node-RED, including nodes for OPC UA, REST, Dashboard
  • MQTT (Mosquitto, MQTT Client Library)
  • Example project

Training and Didactic material

Course units on “Networked systems for automation” – Basics of PLC programming and visualization.

Supplemented by comprehensive and holistic didactic accompanying material, consisting of:

  • User manual, hardcopy and digital (PDF)
  • Knowledge tasks (theory) and solutions, 15 exercises
  • Practical tasks and solutions, 30 exercises
  • PowerPoint slideshow, 60 slides, 16:9

Software licenses

Various add-ins are available for PLCnext Engineer.

Single-user or network licenses:

  • SFC Editor
  • Application Control Interface
  • Matlab Simulink Model Viewer
  • Safety Programming

Complementary Products

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