Details Eduline Switch Board


Eduline Switch Board

Ord. No. 8101898

The training board enables the networking of laboratory applications for training purposes through the Industrial Ethernet and is thus suitable for learning skills in the field of networking industrial components.


Easy to use in classroom and laboratory situation

Optimal for lesson preparation for teachers

High resilience during transport and teaching

Smooth combination with other Eduline training boards

Relevant Topics

  • Connection with Ethernet
  • Networking of industrial components

Product Features

Our Eduline Switch Board in DIN A4 format allows a direct view of the wiring through a transparent rear panel.

  • The Eduline training boards from Phoenix Contact are interconnected via Industrial Ethernet using the Eduline Switch Board.
  • The board is used to network laboratory applications for training purposes through Industrial Ethernet.

Special Features

The training board does not have a power supply onboard. The module voltage of 24 V DC must be supplied externally via existing interfaces.

Technical Features

  • 5 x TP-RJ45-Connectors
  • Automatic detection of data transmission
  • Speed of 10 or 100 Mbps (RJ45)
  • Autocrossing function
  • Size: 188 mm x 297 mm x 90 mm (DIN A4 height)
  • Weight: 1,5 kg

Installed Components

The offer includes the actual training board with the following industrial component:

  • Ethernet Switch

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