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Ord. No. 1384833

The Eduline PLCnext Technology Starterkit combines an entry-level teaching board with a matching textbook including exercises and a simulation. The combination of theoretical fundamentals with practice enables an understandable introduction to automation technology.


Industrial control with classical PLC real-time performance, programmable with classical control languages according to IEC 61131 but also in high-level languages and model-based code

diverse application possibilities in classical automation teaching and in computer science teaching

full access to the PLCnext Ecosystem including the free engineering software

Intelligent network capability thanks to cloud connection and integration of current and future communication standards

Textbook with assignment examples to inspire your lessons

Factory IO project file with a simulated sorting plant

direct access for qualification for Industry 4.0

Relevant Subjects

  • Interdisciplinary teaching
  • Control and regulation technology
  • Learning and applying classical control languages and high-level language programming.
  • Know and apply network systems

The bundle is suitable for:

  • Learners at vocational schools with technical training such as IT, electronics technicians and mechatronics engineers
  • Students of technical studies
  • Private newcomers to the subject of control technology

Scope of delivery:

  • PLCnext Technology starter kit including plug-in power supply, patch cable and cloth bag
  • Accompanying didactic material (textbook)
  • Simulation
  • Theoretical tasks Basic Level and Advanced Level

The Bundle includes


The hardware included in the Smart Bundle comprises the PLCnext Technology Starter Kit including the PLCnext Control AXC F 2152, I/O modules AXL Smart Elements DI16/DO16/AI4, shift potentiometer, pushbuttons, plug-in power supply and patch cable.

Didactic Textbook

The textbook contains theory chapters on the topics of Industry 4.0 and PLCnext Technology. For learning practice, sample tasks focusing on OT and IT, learning control questions and practical examples from industry are included.

Simulation: Factory IO Project

The Factory IO project enables the simulation of a simple sorting system. In the simulation, different boxes are fed in via a conveyor belt. The workpieces are then detected by an image recognition sensor and sorted according to a specific logic. The simulation project uses OPC UA to create a connection between the simulation environment and the control device. The project is suitable for practice with IEC 61131 programming languages as well as C++ and C#.

The simulation file can be downloaded from the website after purchasing the bundle.

A Factory IO license is required to use the simulation.


You already have a password to download the Factory IO project documentation? Then you can start the download here.

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